My Heart for Hydrate


Whenever possible, I like all products to multi-task - that's just the way I am in the world.  Single thing, many functions.  I created this product while I was immersed in designing a program for an exclusive chain of spas--- I was deeply entrenched in the imagery and romance of the Silk Road for this particular creative undertaking.  


Neroli was considered to be very valuable commodity within the Silk Road culture and was often used to bathe in as it would leave this beautiful “heady” scent on your skin.  It was sought after and desired by royalty.  As I researched further, new testing and aromatherapy information was being released on how effective neroli is to calm nerves and relax individuals as well as tighten, tone and hydrate the skin.


At the time, I had a gap in the line and needed a Toner/Hydrator that would work well for normal/oily skin.  It just so happens that I was using Fig extract as an exfoliator for a body treatment and thought, oh!, a little gentle exfoliation for clients with normal to oily skin would be fabulous because most people either don’t exfoliate enough OR they go overboard and really mess up their skin long term.


Hydrate was born from my love of multifaceted uses and creating overlaps and connections in my own creative process.  Hydrate's message in a bottle is:  Drink and receive.  Return to decadence.  Anyplace.  Anytime.  Close your eyes, turn your face to the sky, spritz Hydrate onto your skin, and feel the beauty of the past meet the beauty of the future.

Kimberly Parry