Nourish Your Skin, Nourish Your Soul


Nourishment is a dance ~ an expansion and a contraction, a taking in and a letting go.  The way in which we're nourished changes with the seasons, our moods, our needs, our dispositions, our environment.

In Chinese Medicine, the season of Winter in governed by the feminine force of Yin ~ we are Nourished by contracting in.  We seek that which "puts meat on our bones" — that which allows us to curl up inside our skin and find restoration through a slow pull inward.  We desire insulation — heavy blankets, rich butters hydrating our skin, mashed potatoes, and mugs of steaming goodness.  In Winter, we are Nourished by that which exists within us.  In Summer, we are Nourished by that which exists outside of us — our self that is called to express in the world.  

The season of Summer is governed by the masculine force of Yang ~ we are Nourished by opening.  The urge is out — to open and receive by inhabiting a spirit of adventure that bridges us to a vibrant external environment.  That which has been internally dormant in winter comes to the surface to be expressed.  We may break out more.  We will hopefully sweat more.  Watermelon, live music, the smell of fresh cut grass, naps in afternoon sunshine, and seaside excursion beckon us out of our skin.

Understanding the nature of a season, as well as our place in it, empowers us to transform everyday life from mundane to magical.

Presence, knowledge, awareness, and intimacy emboldens the moment and allows us to leverage our NOW! in order to move our daily tasks from routine to Ritual.

Connect to the spirit of Summer by applying your product with this core piece of awareness:  Opening out.

Feel a stirring in your bones — your internal winter comfort zone being brought to life.  As you apply product, feel your energy and essence being pulled to the surface of your skin and into the world to flow and glow.  As your skin cells open, see and feel them being met with nourishment from the outside world.  

If you happen to be using a Kimberly Parry Organics product, relax, celebrate, and rejoice as your cells open to pull in ingredients that:

Truly heal.  

Truly transform.  

And are truly safe.

Kimberly Parry Organics: Safe to receive from the outside in.

Brittany Legacy