Beauty Is About Love

Some people think that beauty brands capitalize on insecurity and self hate, and maybe there are instances when that’s true. Beauty isn’t a product of hate, though – true beauty comes from love.

Think of it this way: do you take care of things you hate?

If you hate your car, you neglect it. When you love your car, you keep it in a garage, get it washed and waxed, and change the oil diligently.

The same principle applies to the way you take care of your body.

Deciding to take care of yourself, whether it’s improving your fitness level, adopting a skincare and beauty routine, or giving yourself a makeover, comes from a place of love and respect for the body in which you live.


It’s Okay To Want Improvement

Wanting better health doesn’t mean you hate the body you have now. It means that you love your body enough to work and improve.

Taking positive, healthful steps like losing weight or starting an anti-aging routine do so much more than just make you look more attractive. Negative people may criticize you for being “too caught up about your appearance,” but don’t let them fool you.

Wanting improvement is a good thing.

Working towards better health, both inside and out, is a sign of your strong self worth.

Women like us don’t wear cosmetics and treat our skin to cover up the features that we hate – we do it to accentuate what we love and to show our best face to the world. Our outward appearance is a reflection of our inner light.

At the same time, we’re allowed to have traits that we don’t particularly like. Acknowledging and accepting our imperfections is just as important as loving our best features.

Life is a balance.

Sometimes, we all forget to take care of ourselves, and we need gentle reminders.

That’s why we’re sharing this poem – save it to your Pinterest boards and look back at it whenever you need a reminder to love yourself.

Kimberly Parry