Natural Deodorant 101: A Guide To Embracing The Good Stuff

Maybe you've tried natural deodorant, feel stinky three hours later and spend the rest of your day wondering if you can only smell yourself or if you've become a roving human stink cloud?  Maybe you don't know much about deodorant, conventional or natural, and wonder why the topic even warrants an entire article?  Maybe you do your yoga, eat mostly clean food, and purchase non-toxic personal care products- except for your guilty cheat: mainstream deodorant.

Here's the short of it: conventional deodorant is the pits.  It's toxic and full of crap that should never enter a human being.  Natural deodorants can be lame and ineffective.  Choosing the right natural deodorant (ours!), combined with other small lifestyle tweaks, can make non-toxic deodorant work for you, so you'll never look back and long for your days of misinformed antiperspirant bliss...

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Brittany Legacy